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Professional. Timely. Focussed. Transparent. Just what you need in a registered NDIS Plan Manager. Because we don’t mix NDIS plan management with other disability services, you get the specialised attention you deserve. So you can get on with your life. Exactly the way it should be.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Here! And Plan Management is FREE!

Ask for a Plan Manager in your NDIS planning meeting. We can provide you administrative and bookkeeping support for all aspects of your funding. We also have a comprehensive network of recommended supports and partners.

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Our hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

Your Plan Manager was founded by Tanya Walford in December 2014. Tanya began as a bookkeeper more than 25 years ago. Shehas been managing small to medium enterprises (SME’s) as a General manager, Accounts Manager and CEO for both disability services and for profit companies for the last ten years. In addition, Tanya has four children, including three boys with disabilities. This means she has a unique understanding of the positive choices and control the NDIS offers families, carers and most importantly, participants.

Your Plan Manager offers Plan Management services, but also wherever possible we aim to provide information and referrals to quality providers to assist participants with the best outcomes.

Plan Management is like your own personal bookkeeper. A Plan Manager is responsible for:

  • Receiving invoices/bills to pay:
    • Directly from the provider once service has been provided or
    • Via participant
  • Claiming from NDIS Portal – uploading the information and creating the payment requests, allocating to line items and confirming prices
  • Paying Invoices and allocating the correct expense to the participant’s funding
  • Providing monthly statement to participant including:
    • Summary of expenditure
    • Breakdown of budget totals remaining

The benefit of a plan manager is that we provide administrative support for you so that you can get on with working with the supports you need.

A plan manager is not responsible for specialist advice or supports specific to your circumstances. If you need help finding providers for your disability, please ask the NDIS for a specialist support coordinator.

If a support coordinator is included in your plan, they are able to assist you to support implementation of all supports in the plan, including providing specialist assistance where it is funded for participants with high support or complex needs. Where a participant has particularly complex needs, the support coordinator will liaise with the provider about the support model and pricing and provide this information to both the participant and the Agency. The support coordinator will work with the participant to ensure appropriate supports, while the plan manager will ensure timely payment for supports.

If you have not been allocated funding for support coordination in your plan it is expected that you arrange supports with the assistance of your carer/s.If you need more help with finding and choosing providers, setting up and maintaining your support agreements, or with coordinating your various services, the NDIA may give you additional funding for Service Intermediary Activities or Coordination of Supports. Even if you already have a plan you can ask the NDIA to assist you with funding. Please note that Your Plan Manager can assist with Service Intermediary Activities, but not coordination of supports, even though they are very similar!

The NDIS Price guide (found here) is an excellent tool to give you an idea of some of the supports you can claim within your categories of funding.

The advantage of having a Plan Manager is that you have a lot more flexibility, you can choose the price and the service that suits you as long as it fits in your category. The price in the NDIS price guide is the maximum payable for a service/item. If you engage a service that charges more than the set price you may be out of pocket. Ask us for more information!

If you have specified amounts within a category (such as a set amount for assistive technology) you cannot exceed this amount.

We recommend you refer to the price guide for advice on what is reasonable to charge for a service. If you need more help you can ask us.

To ensure all participants have timely support with providers, it is important that you negotiate the following with a new provider:

  • A rate/price that is reasonable for your budget and less than the maximum charged in the pricelist
  • Dates of service
  • Any cancellation rules and;
  • An agreement that providers are to submit a request for payment after service is completed.
  • A written service agreement that you can also send to us to file

You also need to ensure that the service fits within your goals in your plan. Ask us if you are not sure!

Once you have chosen a provider, simply ask them to get in touch with us via email at or call 0458 959 506 to get set up.

We have a service agreement template we can provide if you would like to formalise your arrangements with a provider. We file all of your agreements in a confidential, encrypted file, and can share this with you if you prefer.

If you have an existing agreement with a provider we will pay on payment days without delay. However, if we are sent an invoice without an agreement on file we will need to check with you first to get your approval. We recommend you view all new invoices first until you are comfortable with the service and payments.

We make two payment runs per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you require a payment to be made it is important that you submit all invoices to us before 4pm on the previous day. So for Tuesdays, the cutoff is 4pm Monday, and for Thursdays the cutoffis 4pm Wednesdays.


It’s important that all service providers understand we cannot make payments without the necessary paperwork. This is at the minimum a tax invoice with a business name, ABN, costs for service, GST (If applicable) and total costs.

If you need a service or item and do not have these details to make a claim you risk not being able to have this payment from your budget.

If you find something online, most companies will issue a tax invoice and hold the item for you until we make payment.

Alternatively, you can make the payment from your own funds and seek reimbursement on Tuesdays or Thursdays with the correct paperwork.

We cannot make advance payments. All payments go through the NDIS for transparency and it is part of our agreement with the NDIS that we ensure paperwork is complete prior to releasing funds.

Where transport has been included in a participant’s plan it is automatically deposited into a participant’s personal bank account weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as negotiated. You will need to contact the NDIS with your bank account details for this to occur.

We will provide a report of your expenditure for the previous month and an up to date budget of remaining funds within 10 days of the previous month. However, you can also login to your myplace portal at any time to see what has been happening with your funding.

We use Xero cloud based accounting and are planning to give you real time reporting next year that will enable you to view your accounts from your smart phone. We will keep you posted!

If you have a large expense it is important to check before you commit to spending the money that you have funds available. Please ask us if you are unsure, we’re here to help!

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Please ask if we haven’t covered something. Email us at: We appreciate emails because it means we can put your question into this document, which makes the whole process more transparent for everyone.

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